DC-DC 1.3A/3A Buck Step-down Converter Adjustable Power 3V 12V 9V 5V 3.3V H1R9


Description --> Model 3A Adjustable Red Plate/Step-down-3A Input voltage: DC 4.
5-24V Output voltage: adjustable and fixed output, with a fixed output voltage selected on the back Adjustable range (0.
8-12V), fixed voltage (3.
3V 5V 9V 12V) Output current, 3A (full load please pay attention to heat dissipation), actual test input 12V output Within 1.
5A no special treatment for heat dissipation Conversion Efficiency 97.
5% (6.
5 to 5V 0.
7A) Switch frequency 500KHz Output ripple around 20mV (12V to 5V3A) Industrial grade (-40" c to .
85'C) Output overvoltage protection no Full load temperature rise 40"C Static current 0.
85 mAh Load adjustment rate soil ±1% Voltage adjustment rate of ±0.
5% Dynamic response speed 5% 200uS Output short-circuit protection (do not short-circuit for long periods of time) Enter back-to-back protection without Product size 18mm x 10mm x 3.
8mm 3A adjustable red plate VO-: Output positive GND: Public negative IN:Enter positive EN: High-level operation, low stop operation, high level 2-5V, low level of about 0V.
Default internal With pull-up to input positive Package list: 1* Mini DC-DC Buck Step-down Converter Adjustable Power Module 3.
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DC-DC     1.3A/3A     Buck     Step-down     Converter     Adjustable     Power     3V     12V     9V     5V     3.3V     H1R9     

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