Shoulder Washer Nylon Plastic Bushing Insulator 3/16 Drill Bit Size Pack Of 25


This is for a 25 pack of Nylon Plastic Shoulder Insulator Bushing Washers or whatever else you may want to call them! They are in packs of 25.
You may buy as many packs as you want to save on shipping! We usually ship daily, and even two times a day! Shipping on extra packs is only .
29 cents more.
Please "READ" the pictures, they should answer any questions about the size! I have used a drill chart, to show the exact size of these little guys! PLEASE MAKE SURE, that this is the size that you need!! Shipping stuff back & forth is no fun.
The only one that wins, is the Post Office.
Happy Bushing!!Be sure to add me to your

Shoulder     Washer     Nylon     Plastic     Bushing     Insulator     3/16     Drill     Bit     Size     Pack     Of     

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