Stop HAIR LOSS In Its Tracks! *MONAT Sample Pack* No Balding - No Thinning Hair

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Read full description Stop hair loss and gain confidence in your appearance!MONAT's shampoos and conditioners are made just for that! Containing essential oils and Capixyl, our Intense Repair products stop the transformation of DHT (the primary cause in balding), while nourishing and cleaning the scalp so that new hair can grow at its fullest capacity! Please select from the above drop down menu:Short hair (mostly men) - 2 shampoo samples (Intense Repair or Black 2-in-1 shampoo)Medium hair (shoulder length) - 2 shampoo samples and 1 conditioner sample (Black line growth shampoo & Intense Repair conditioner)Long hair (past shoulders) - 2 shampoo samples and 2 conditioner samples (Black line growth shampoos & Intense Repair conditioners) ***FREE SHIPPING*** ORDERS ARE PROCESSED WITHIN 24 HOURS!~SHIPMENT WILL ARRIVE QUICKLY~ Please feel free to contact me anytime, if you have questions on the product or auction! This auction is for samples of MONAT's growth-enhancing shampoos and conditioners.
These samples come in packets.
The photos of the bottles are what the full-size products look like.
These photos are only an FYI; they are not what is being sent to you in this auction! This auction is for the sample packets only! Please note that your payment is only for the time, materials, and shipping of this samples.

Stop     HAIR     LOSS     In     Its     Tracks!     *MONAT     Sample     Pack*     No     Balding     -     No     Thinning     Hair     

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